Matthew Lerner
15 Ashmont Street
Melrose MA 02176
(617) 329-9533

I am at the moment very happy with my employment.

Career Goals:
I would like to work in a small team making a quality product. Special interests are innovative techniques in development (such as XP), Artificial Intelligence, and web programming.

Core skills:

  • PHP, Java, MySQL, Postgres, Javascript, CSS, API development, web development practices.

Work Experience:

  • Computing:
    • 2008-present - Developer, Surfmerchants LLC Surfmerchants is a web development firm. The flagship product is web-based mystery shopping information system, rented to a great number of independent mystery shopping providers. Duties include:
      • Feature development in PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS with MySQL/Postgres backends. Involvement on individual projects varies from a pure development role through extensive involvement in backend and UI design, QA planning, and specification.
      • Bugfixes, maintenance, and ongoing feature development on our in-house open-source general-purpose PHP/Javascript framework.
    • 2003-2008 - Developer, Fleming-AOD Inc. Fleming-AOD, Inc. is a Silver Spring, MD-based corporation offering a broad range of services and solutions to a diverse client base. Although best known for innovative thin client information and outcomes systems, Fleming-AOD also offers comprehensive policy analysis and policy modeling services. Duties included:
      • Product development in JSP/Java with a Postgres backend, taking projects from ideas to fully-realized products.
      • Sample: Developed Time Series graphing of outcomes information
      • Sample: Developed comprehensive Customer Relationship Manager for in-house and client use.
      • Sample: Developed Monolithic Information System for organizing a theater automation company's rental system.
    • 2002 - Senior Vice President of Development for MetaMachine Inc. MetaMachine made file-sharing software. Duties included:
      • Web site enhancements - creation of banner ad management system, user registration and credit-card processing system. (PHP/MySQL)
      • User interface design and implementation for file-sharing client (C#)
      • Maintenance to previous client (C, C++)
      • Misc. scripting and automation tasks (Python)
      • Back-End coding for www.transmissionfilms.com, a partner company devoted to selling movies over the web.
    • 2000-2001 - Software Engineer for TopicalNet Inc. TopicalNet was a startup in the knowledge management space, operating out of Woburn MA. Projects at TopicalNet included:
      • product development in PHP/MySQL - Took several projects from the idea stage to fully-operational demos.
      • webserver enhancements in C - Added new features to a proprietary web server
      • client/server programming - starting from scratch, created a client/server architecture. Later, implemented XML communications protocol with full error-checking.
      • product development in C/QT - from idea to early demo
      • Linux/Windows systems administration.
    • 1999-2000 - Laboratory and Residential Assistant Technician for Hampshire College Academic Computing. Responsibilities included campus-wide technical support, and primary responsibility for supervising a 30-computer student lab.
    • Summer 1999 - Assistant Java Programmer for FOREST project jointly sponsored by Hampshire College and University of Massachusetts Amherst. The FOREST project is an application being developed to aid in the teaching of forestry by computer modeling. Responsibilities were to develop an add-on graphing package to the existing application, using a third-party graphing API.
  • 1996-2000 Hampshire College Amherst MA 01002
    BA: Computer Science and Cognitive Science
    Graduated May 2000
  • 1989-96 Alternative Community School Ithaca NY 14850
    Graduated June 1996