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The RSS feed works a bit better now. Like, quotes don't break it any more. Also, there is now a RSS feed for discussion, here. Also, I made a thing where you can ponder, here. Also, I like saying "Also".

How to tell if the terrorists have already won.

RSS 2.0 is GO!

By request, the source for HaikuBot

I revamped the Recent Messages page, so now any given thread only shows up once. Let me know if you hate it, I kept the old version. I also re-edited HaikuBot, again in the hopes that it'll stay online a bit better. I'll see how that goes.

Update 11/19/2003: I just made it so's I can start arbitrary message threads, so now you can comment on this news post. Isn't that exciting?

HaikuBot on AIM has been improved, and is back up and running. Search functions is a bit enhanced - try putting a number between the "search" and the rest of command for searches with multiple results. ie "search 3 author fuz". That gets that result of that search. Also it should be more stable, which means it might stay up in a long-term sense.

Also, yesterday was Dante's birthday. Wish her a happy one!

Not a single one of you bought a t-shirt. Yer all a bunch of.. um... not-t-shirt-buying people. Anyway, frequent haiku'r Gus is trying to sell her car. (link has lotsa pictures) (See her haiku on the subject). And, you know, find a place to live in Manhattan for under $500/month. If you can help her with either of these, you should email her.

In other news, the band Green Day is apparently sponsoring some sort of contest where you can win a bone chip belonging to a band member for writing a haiku. Or something. I dunno, I don't really want a bone chip, but if you do, you go.

As mentioned in Dante's haiku, we set up a cafepress store, and she designed some shirts and a mug. And she's all rarin' to go on some other stuff. Go! Buy! Advertise my website! If'n she won't set up something you want, I sure will, so don't hesitate to email.

If and when it's running, you can get a random haiku by sending an IM to HaikuBot on AIM. Have fun!
Update 5/11/2003: You can do a few other things with HaikuBot now too. Send it an IM, it'll explain.

Also, since there are now people using this I don't know personally - if you know of any potential paying work for a talented self-motivated programmer, I'm getting fairly desperate. My resume is here. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Haiku.
Update(12/29/2003): This no longer applies, I am thrilled with my new (3 months now) job.

There is a new feature. Long awaited, often anticipated, bitterly debated, but all only in my own mind, you can now make comments on haiku. A fair amount of the underlying engine has also been rewritten to support this, and individual haiku id numbers are back, if you missed them. If you find a bug anywhere, please feel free to drop me a line at bugs at fuzrocks dot com. Enjoy!

We're Number One! Welcome to visitors from Altavista. Have a seat, have some lemonade, write a haiku.

You can submit new haiku again now. Sorry about the downtime.

Good lord, real news. Per Dante's request, I added a "jump" feature. You can now jump to a haiku number. Isn't that special?

<abuse of power>
MacOS sucks.
Aqua might suck, I haven't used it enough to know.
Windows sucks too.
Linux sucks, for that matter
I never met the desktop OS I didn't hate.
</abuse of power>

On the other hand, I do like beans.
And potatoes.
mmm... beans.

I just noticed this site is now over a year old. w007. In celebration of this, I just added the year to the dates in the haiku display. Thoughtful of me to have built the architecture in such a way as to allow that, isn't it?

Oh hey, I also added a "news" section to the front page. But then, clearly you'd noticed that.